My Spring/ Winter Wishlist

It is coming up to Spring but Winter looks like a never ending season, so I have decided to do my first wish list blog post. Which includes my two favourite stores and my favourite clothes from each of these – with fashionable clothes for frosty winter and the blossoming spring.

My first favourite shop is Topshop – 3/4 of my clothes are from Topshop. This shop provides me with every season clothing and the SALE season is the optimum season. It has the prime reductions and personally has the premium quality and the prices could be better but I just wait for the sales. So, lets begin…


This image shows my most favourite clothes for the spring and winter season; these clothes could be topped up with a cardigan, coat or a leather jacket – depends on your taste. Firstly, the Jeans go with every type of shirt, jumper, coat or shoe. They could be for a formal/ informal gathering. They are comfortable, stretchy, soft and beautiful – the only problem is that they are quite expensive and Topshop has many designs, many colours and many sizes, which may be easier or harder for you to choose from – for me its harder because there are so many I find it really hard to choose the ones that I adore.

The black tube skirt with a slit is perfect for a girls nigh out, it adds an emphasis on your leg and brings out your curves very nicely. This skirt would look first- class with a white vest and some Chelsea boots/ black heels – depending on your taste. The black handbag could be added with the gold bracelet which would highlight the outfit OR you could swap it for a gold necklace which would accentuate your body shape whilst adding a glamorous accessory and making your face bold and sharp.

These are just a few of the ideas from the top picture but you could mix and match from other shops and add a favourite which may perform and look better, try different things out – you won’t know until you try.

The second shop is H&M it has always been a favourite, the cheaper version of Topshop, but sometimes doesn’t always stand up to my standards, nevertheless they always have new trends, new clothes and a new Sunday best.


This wishlist mostly focuses on a nigh out – a little black dress. The maxi dress focuses on your hip area which highlight your body shape and your figure and then flows down slowly, which is great if you don’t want to show your legs. Additionally, you could always wear one of the white stripy blouses with the leather pants, which would look amazing ! They would look astounding for a formal gathering, for the dark hours or for a punctilious meeting.

The cream vest would look legendary with the leather skirt and a black blazer/ cardigan. Kimono’s are in style at the moment and that would look prodigious with the jeans in the Topshop wishlist, however you could try and pull it off with the black dress – depending on your body shape and how to accessorize the outfit – but always give it a go. Kimono’s are ace for the bloom of spring, they may not look warm but you could wear them under a coat…

Little black dresses never go out of style you can style them how you want and create good looks by adding accessories, changing shows, adding purses, supplementing cardigans etc. Both of the black dresses are incredible for improvisation – so make the most of your ideas. The leather pants would look phenomenal with a blouse, black blazer and the white wedges in the Topshop wish list!

These were just microscopic fashion ideas for the next season, make sure to go out and find something new. Also a marvelous way to show the start of a new season is to paint your nails – this shows the representation of the weather/ season/ occasion/ interval. So make sure to have a look at your nail polishes and think of some colours or designs that would look extravagant for the season coming up.

Thank you for reading, please comment with ideas, reviews, opinions and questions.


2 thoughts on “My Spring/ Winter Wishlist

  1. ryanrafferson says:

    Very interesting and personal blog entry here Aiste! By showing your opinion, it brings a fresh idea into modern fashion and can create new ideas for already intelligent minds
    Keep up the great work and nice to hear from you 🙂 xxx

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