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Shorts against skirts. This is a never ending battle which crosses the minds of million girls each day. Shorts- feel more comfortable and you have the power to freely move about. Shorts and skirts are mostly similarly priced nevertheless in this case I found the cheapest skater skirt. Skirts are feminine; they can be matched and worn throughout the day including evenings whereas the shorts are more day based clothing. Overall the winner for me is SHORTS because they are more comfortable and you can match them with most tops and vests. If you cannot decide you can always buy a skort.




Dress in opposition to Maxi Dress.  Sometimes when shopping for a party or a holiday, a dress is essential. The dress is great for night and day, and sometimes may be the best option when not knowing what to wear as they can be easily accompanied by some simple pumps. On the other hand, the maxi dress is very sexy and highlights most curves on any girl’s body. The particular slit on this maxi dress emphasises the legs. But mostly maxi – dresses have to be escorted with some heels. The overall winner for me is the dress because it is the most comfortable and can be easily accessorised with jewellery or a cardigan.




Jumpsuit aligned with a playsuit. Playsuits are more popular within shops; they are seen as more comfortable and internationally available throughout. Additionally, playsuits are cheaper and have endless amount of designs and colour; they are also seen as more day occasion instead of evening. The jumpsuit is seen as more of an occasion outfit, they look elegant, chic and smart which suits any type of occasion and it can be easily complete with some jewellery or shoes.  Overall the winner for me is the jumpsuit because it is seen as more of an occasion and it can look stunning if accessorized correctly.


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