There are always things that we want and need and especially when the sun comes out there is nothing stopping us from having a little bit of retail therapy. Shops are jam packed with dresses, vests, shorts, skirts, bikinis etc. So how do we choose what we want and how do we choose what we actually need? Most of the times we are lured in by the fabulous fashion or the cute colours.


Dresses are great for occasion, the beach or a shopping day out. They are comfortable and a girl cannot live without a tight, sexy dress. Having a skater dress is amazing because it means it can be worn anywhere with anything. A maxi dress is also incredibly useful and also easy to beautify which means you can look tremendous 24/7. However, sometimes it is hard to get the right dress that’s why you should take into account most types, colours and shapes of dresses.


T-shirts are incredibly practical and comfortable in this weather. If you don’t know what to wear you throw on a t-shirt with some jeans, shorts, leggings or skirt and rock. They are easy to find in most shops and they are simple pieces. T-shirts can be matched and paired up with anything!


Crop tops are the finest in this spectacular season. They are easy to style and to wear, they can be decorated with some simple jewellery, heels, scarf etc. In this sunny weather there is nothing stopping you to get out your stomach and get a modest tan. Additionally, they are affordable and can be easily found anywhere.


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