Beach Essentials



Summer time is here and we all want to zoom to the beach and absorb as much sun as possible. However, this is not always the best option because it can cause serious skin conditions if you take in too much sun and thus you need sun cream; it is a vital ingredient for a fun and safe day out without pain the next day nevertheless you can still obtain red and painful skin even though you have applied cream – skin cream only starts working 30 minutes after you have applied it. Be organised when going to the beach, perhaps pack the night before to avoid rush and panic 5 minutes before you have to whiz out the door. Have a full-size beach bag where you can pack all the necessities for an enjoyable day. Pack towels and body lotion; the sea can make your skin dry and the salt will leave your skin feeling a little irritated so apply a dollop of cream and feel the soft skin beneath your fingers emerge. Bikini is an essential for a sweltering day out, you can always fix it up with some shorts if you don’t feel comfortable with a bikini on its own. Or chuck on a kaftan if you are feeling chilly or dashing to the beach kiosk for some mouth watering ice cream. Furthermore, another fundamental item is sunglasses (a warning – do not wear them throughout the day as you might end up with panda eyes) whilst playing Frisbee or Badminton it’s very hard to see what you are doing without them because of the intense sun. Final pieces to the best day of your life are water (keeping yourself hydrated is vital), magazine/book/phone/tablet (keeps you entertained when you can no longer lie down with your eyes closed) and headphones.

These are just some items that you might bring along with you. Make sure you’re safe and don’t stay in the sun for too long without a beach hat; too much sun can cause headaches, dizziness and fatigue.

Have a cool time 🙂 


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