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The summer season is officially here, even though the UK may not have the sunniest and warmest weather we all wish for and I cannot wait for the flooding and rain to go away; nevertheless, there are still certain outfits and pieces of clothing which may be perfect for this mixed and not so reliable weather.


current favourites

Currently, I believe ripped jeans are a great way to style your outfit; they are simple, easy and super snazzy. They are great to style with most tops and can, either, be easily dressed up or down. As seen above, they come in various colours and there are various rips which are available; i.e. knee ripped, thigh ripped, bum ripped or extreme ripped jeans. I think it depends how confident you are with styling your outfit and what you would feel the most comfortable in. Ripped jeans can be found in most hight street stores; such as TopShop, H&M, New Look as well as ASOS and many other brands.

Plain t-shirts are great tucked into jeans, they are easy to wear and a simple look like this, styled with the right shoes/ make up or lipstick will look amazing and can look perfect for the according occasion.

Loose jumpers are a great look as well, they are great for a day which may be too hot or too cold and you cannot decide what to wear. They are easy to throw on and can be perfectly styled with a nice pair of heeled boots.

Shirts are a perfect combination for this as well, they are easy to style and the flannel design (in various colours) is simple and a wonderful style. Perfect for those rainy and cloudy days.

Shoes are also an important part of any outfit, in this weather, when you do not know when it will rain or the sun will shine; heeled boots are a great way to go. Even sandal or open toed boots are a great source of style and make an outfit stand out. Nevertheless, trainers can also look great; they add a so called ‘street style’ to the whole piece and of course you are comfortable the whole day. The particular ones in the collage come in various colours, but this khaki colour is perfect for all outfits.

Accessories and bags are an essential piece to any outfit. The ones in the collage are only a few of the millions that you could style with your outfit. Shoes and bags are extremely important when trying to match them with the perfect outfit, because you have to get the correct colour to work with your outfit.

Make up is something that you choose and which you can adapt to your mood and outfit for the day. Two of my favourite and additional items are in the collage; blusher is something which I have been obsessed with recently and cannot leave the house without, it gives me colour to my quite bland face, in terms of colour, as well as structure. Lipstick or lipgloss, is something which I try to wear more frequently as I have never been a fan of lipstick and I never have the effort to actually do it properly. Additionally, I am always scared that it will rub all over my face and my teeth, as I have the worst luck when it comes to these things.

That is all for this time and I will now try to post more and more appropriate content as I will not be as busy with uni work and thus will have more time on my hands.

Thank you so much for reading,

See you next time!
Aiste xo



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