I am back, after a long time away I have ventured back to the blog! I was away with uni work and assignments, plus trying to avoid a mental breakdown whilst juggling a social life, work, assignments, finances, sleep and many other things. But everyone has one of those times (a whole year for me). But I am now away from university all the way until September, so a long summer for me. Not like I am planning to go on holiday or anything but I am instead working for the next 5 months !!! Saving up for next year is a priority, plus I do want to enjoy my summer where I can. Like go out, see my friends and just live a little! We all need that sometimes…

But I am here to inform you about the upcoming season. It doesn’t look like it outside, but it’s now Spring and suddenly it will be summer!! Which for me is the most exciting time, I love the colours, the smell and, overall, life is different when it’s warmer and lighter outside.  Plus, the fashion for summer is always so different and blossoming in endless colours and designs. So below are my current and upcoming favourite trends, which I have put together myself!!!!!



P1NK IS THE $#17


All these pieces of clothing can be found in H&M, New Look, River Island and similar retailers. I have picked out my favourite pieces from this current season in my two favourite colours.

The blue is such a pure and delicate colour and I think it works extremely well with the season. Also, it is so easy to match it with anything and everything, especially the baby blue shade.
The pink is elegant and classy, the light shades can be dressed up and the deeper colours bring about a more night time look, in comparison to the baby pink shade.
Which one is your favourite? Or neither? What colour would you choose?

Thanks for reading and I hope you are more up to date with the upcoming styles and enjoy trying new and exciting trends !!

Love, Aiste x


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