I am back, after a long time away I have ventured back to the blog! I was away with uni work and assignments, plus trying to avoid a mental breakdown whilst juggling a social life, work, assignments, finances, sleep and many other things. But everyone has one of those times (a whole year for me). But I am now away from university all the way until September, so a long summer for me. Not like I am planning to go on holiday or anything but I am instead working for the next 5 months !!! Saving up for next year is a priority, plus I do want to enjoy my summer where I can. Like go out, see my friends and just live a little! We all need that sometimes…

But I am here to inform you about the upcoming season. It doesn’t look like it outside, but it’s now Spring and suddenly it will be summer!! Which for me is the most exciting time, I love the colours, the smell and, overall, life is different when it’s warmer and lighter outside.  Plus, the fashion for summer is always so different and blossoming in endless colours and designs. So below are my current and upcoming favourite trends, which I have put together myself!!!!!



P1NK IS THE $#17


All these pieces of clothing can be found in H&M, New Look, River Island and similar retailers. I have picked out my favourite pieces from this current season in my two favourite colours.

The blue is such a pure and delicate colour and I think it works extremely well with the season. Also, it is so easy to match it with anything and everything, especially the baby blue shade.
The pink is elegant and classy, the light shades can be dressed up and the deeper colours bring about a more night time look, in comparison to the baby pink shade.
Which one is your favourite? Or neither? What colour would you choose?

Thanks for reading and I hope you are more up to date with the upcoming styles and enjoy trying new and exciting trends !!

Love, Aiste x


Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 01.52.11

The summer season is officially here, even though the UK may not have the sunniest and warmest weather we all wish for and I cannot wait for the flooding and rain to go away; nevertheless, there are still certain outfits and pieces of clothing which may be perfect for this mixed and not so reliable weather.


current favourites

Currently, I believe ripped jeans are a great way to style your outfit; they are simple, easy and super snazzy. They are great to style with most tops and can, either, be easily dressed up or down. As seen above, they come in various colours and there are various rips which are available; i.e. knee ripped, thigh ripped, bum ripped or extreme ripped jeans. I think it depends how confident you are with styling your outfit and what you would feel the most comfortable in. Ripped jeans can be found in most hight street stores; such as TopShop, H&M, New Look as well as ASOS and many other brands.

Plain t-shirts are great tucked into jeans, they are easy to wear and a simple look like this, styled with the right shoes/ make up or lipstick will look amazing and can look perfect for the according occasion.

Loose jumpers are a great look as well, they are great for a day which may be too hot or too cold and you cannot decide what to wear. They are easy to throw on and can be perfectly styled with a nice pair of heeled boots.

Shirts are a perfect combination for this as well, they are easy to style and the flannel design (in various colours) is simple and a wonderful style. Perfect for those rainy and cloudy days.

Shoes are also an important part of any outfit, in this weather, when you do not know when it will rain or the sun will shine; heeled boots are a great way to go. Even sandal or open toed boots are a great source of style and make an outfit stand out. Nevertheless, trainers can also look great; they add a so called ‘street style’ to the whole piece and of course you are comfortable the whole day. The particular ones in the collage come in various colours, but this khaki colour is perfect for all outfits.

Accessories and bags are an essential piece to any outfit. The ones in the collage are only a few of the millions that you could style with your outfit. Shoes and bags are extremely important when trying to match them with the perfect outfit, because you have to get the correct colour to work with your outfit.

Make up is something that you choose and which you can adapt to your mood and outfit for the day. Two of my favourite and additional items are in the collage; blusher is something which I have been obsessed with recently and cannot leave the house without, it gives me colour to my quite bland face, in terms of colour, as well as structure. Lipstick or lipgloss, is something which I try to wear more frequently as I have never been a fan of lipstick and I never have the effort to actually do it properly. Additionally, I am always scared that it will rub all over my face and my teeth, as I have the worst luck when it comes to these things.

That is all for this time and I will now try to post more and more appropriate content as I will not be as busy with uni work and thus will have more time on my hands.

Thank you so much for reading,

See you next time!
Aiste xo


uni checklist title

Your life at university is just around the corner, and whilst some of you might have already started I’ve got two whole weeks ahead of me to pack, prepare and plan my life out in the real world.

This checklist will overwhelm you with things you thought you wanted but you now need, and what’s better than going to uni, well shopping for everything you’ll need of course…

uni wish list1. Bag: such as a rucksack, so that you can easily transport your books, laptop, tablet, stationary etc. from your dorm to the lectures. Not forgetting a clutch for going out, to store your phone, ID, cash and key.

2. Scarf: stay warm, you don’t want to get sick! Around this time people are more likely to catch colds, than any other season. You don’t want to be ill when all your friends are out partying and you’re stuck with a runny nose, a high temperature and a cough just because you didn’t wrap up, on that chilly Tuesday afternoon.

3. You will need clothes that are easy to thrown on, and of course clothes for going out such as tops, skirts, dresses and heels.

4. Laptop, I think is a priority, because all subjects require independent research and also typing up your lectures for revision later on.

5. Cutlery and crockery are vital when you arrive at university, as you’ll need to cook for yourself, but if you are staying in catered halls then this doesn’t apply to you!

6. You may also be interested in a portable charger for your phones and tablets, as you’ll be busy, busy, busy and you won’t always have time to juice up your phone.

7. Stationary is of course another vital piece to the puzzle, as you’ll need pens, erasers, a stapler, notebooks, scissors, pencils etc.

8. Make up, in order to cover those dark circles and blemishes and to contour, highlight  and blush your beautiful face. Nevertheless, going make up free is the best feeling in the world.

9. Room decor, making your room scream you is very important, as then you’ll feel more at home then lonely. Therefore, bringing colourful sheets, different pillows, bookends or just having a colour scheme will make you feel more settled in than anything else. You can also bring photos with you and stick them on the walls, you can use ‘lalalab’ app or ‘Photobox’ to print your chosen photos for affordable prices and have all these astonishing memories surround you 24/7.

10. Apps are a great way to stay organised, socialised and safe. For example, ‘Companion’ which allows your chosen friends or family to follow you as you make your way to your designated location, it senses running and calls for help if you need it. Additionally, apps like ‘Evernote’ keep you organised with all your work at all times.

What else will you be brining? Comment down below.

I wish you all the best at university or wherever you’re headed.

Until next time xoxo

spring wish list title 2015

Hello everyone and welcome back!! I have missed you all but have been swamped with all this school work. Hope you had a cheerful Christmas and an exciting new year!  Happy 2015 and wish you all the best in the upcoming year.

Anyway, winter is fast behind us, hopefully, and spring is fast approaching. Therefore I have prepared all of you wonderful beauties my own wishlist for the tremendous upcoming season. The season coming is the best because it’s the build up to summer, the weather is wishy washy and of course its my birthday!

spring wish list 2015

1. Poncho – Accessorize – £35
The poncho’s in Accessorize are must haves, they are not too warm and too cold for this British weather. Poncho’s are high in fashion at the time and you can get them anywhere due to their popularity. They are easy to throw on with a pair of jeans or leggings or a night out with a simple dress.

2. Bodycon Skirt – H&M – £29.99
A girl can never, ever, have too many skirts. Any type; skater, bodycon, mini, pleated, maxi etc. It’s easy to dress with anything and for everything. It can be dressed up or dressed down, whatever you feel like. You cannot go wrong with a stylish skirt!

3. Cropped Shirt – River Island – £18
These shirts go with all things, skirts, leggings, jeans… They can be worn for all occasions meaning that you cannot go wrong with one of these. Nonetheless, you do need a shirt so why don’t you go for a cropped in order to show that flabless tanned stomach 🙂

4.Sugar Apple Nail Varnish – Barry M – £3.99 
This colour is fabulous for the upcoming season, it goes with most things and it doesn’t clash even though it is quite bright. Nevertheless, it chips quite easily BUT most nail varnishes chip (well for me anyway).

5. Watt’s up Highlighter – Benefit – £24.50
I love this! It is wonderful and ever so useful, in the sunshine your skin glows (literally) you look awake instantly, it shines but not too much. It gives you a natural glow which never fails to lower my expectations of benefit. You could also try ‘high beam’ also a very useful product from benefit.

6. Chain Necklace Gold/ Silver – Accessorize – £12 
You cannot go wrong with this necklace it goes with all outfits and makes your outfit perfect by just adding a simple item to your outfit.

7. Highlighter – Body Shop – £12
This is very similar to the watts up highlighter. However, it has more of a pinky shade to it, I like mixing the two together which, I think, work quite well together. Because one has a bronzy tone where as the other is quite glam and full of shine.

8. Black Heels – Zara – £40
These go with all of your outfits, but as I am nearly 6ft I am not really fond of wearing heels, as I don’t want to look any taller. Although, they are still fabulous and can make most styles perfect.

9. Free Run 5.0 – Nike – £85.99
These are the most comfortable shoes in the world. Yet again I wear them with everything because you cannot go wrong because they are just perfect and they are really worth your money as I will be wearing them for as long as I can walk.

10. Daisy Earrings – Accessorize – £5
They excite you for spring and summer, reminding you everyday to look forward to the great months you got ahead of yourself.

11. Tote Bag – Accessorize – £35 
Available in many colours and sizes. Very easy to style with any outfit for any day, very similar to the Michael Kors one, but Accessorize done a cheeky thing by copying it! What are they like?

12. Eyeshadow – Nars – £24
Choose the colour for your skin colour and outfit and you will look glam for all occasions, just make sure you apply it correctly because it will look incredibly tacky if done wrong.

Well that’s all my fellow readers, I have enjoyed sharing with you my wish list for spring. I love all these items and I would suggest looking into them because they are all great items which you cannot go wrong with.

Thank you for reading 🙂 xxxxxxx


There are always things that we want and need and especially when the sun comes out there is nothing stopping us from having a little bit of retail therapy. Shops are jam packed with dresses, vests, shorts, skirts, bikinis etc. So how do we choose what we want and how do we choose what we actually need? Most of the times we are lured in by the fabulous fashion or the cute colours.


Dresses are great for occasion, the beach or a shopping day out. They are comfortable and a girl cannot live without a tight, sexy dress. Having a skater dress is amazing because it means it can be worn anywhere with anything. A maxi dress is also incredibly useful and also easy to beautify which means you can look tremendous 24/7. However, sometimes it is hard to get the right dress that’s why you should take into account most types, colours and shapes of dresses.


T-shirts are incredibly practical and comfortable in this weather. If you don’t know what to wear you throw on a t-shirt with some jeans, shorts, leggings or skirt and rock. They are easy to find in most shops and they are simple pieces. T-shirts can be matched and paired up with anything!


Crop tops are the finest in this spectacular season. They are easy to style and to wear, they can be decorated with some simple jewellery, heels, scarf etc. In this sunny weather there is nothing stopping you to get out your stomach and get a modest tan. Additionally, they are affordable and can be easily found anywhere.

summery struggle title                          Image


Shorts against skirts. This is a never ending battle which crosses the minds of million girls each day. Shorts- feel more comfortable and you have the power to freely move about. Shorts and skirts are mostly similarly priced nevertheless in this case I found the cheapest skater skirt. Skirts are feminine; they can be matched and worn throughout the day including evenings whereas the shorts are more day based clothing. Overall the winner for me is SHORTS because they are more comfortable and you can match them with most tops and vests. If you cannot decide you can always buy a skort.




Dress in opposition to Maxi Dress.  Sometimes when shopping for a party or a holiday, a dress is essential. The dress is great for night and day, and sometimes may be the best option when not knowing what to wear as they can be easily accompanied by some simple pumps. On the other hand, the maxi dress is very sexy and highlights most curves on any girl’s body. The particular slit on this maxi dress emphasises the legs. But mostly maxi – dresses have to be escorted with some heels. The overall winner for me is the dress because it is the most comfortable and can be easily accessorised with jewellery or a cardigan.




Jumpsuit aligned with a playsuit. Playsuits are more popular within shops; they are seen as more comfortable and internationally available throughout. Additionally, playsuits are cheaper and have endless amount of designs and colour; they are also seen as more day occasion instead of evening. The jumpsuit is seen as more of an occasion outfit, they look elegant, chic and smart which suits any type of occasion and it can be easily complete with some jewellery or shoes.  Overall the winner for me is the jumpsuit because it is seen as more of an occasion and it can look stunning if accessorized correctly.

Beach Essentials



Summer time is here and we all want to zoom to the beach and absorb as much sun as possible. However, this is not always the best option because it can cause serious skin conditions if you take in too much sun and thus you need sun cream; it is a vital ingredient for a fun and safe day out without pain the next day nevertheless you can still obtain red and painful skin even though you have applied cream – skin cream only starts working 30 minutes after you have applied it. Be organised when going to the beach, perhaps pack the night before to avoid rush and panic 5 minutes before you have to whiz out the door. Have a full-size beach bag where you can pack all the necessities for an enjoyable day. Pack towels and body lotion; the sea can make your skin dry and the salt will leave your skin feeling a little irritated so apply a dollop of cream and feel the soft skin beneath your fingers emerge. Bikini is an essential for a sweltering day out, you can always fix it up with some shorts if you don’t feel comfortable with a bikini on its own. Or chuck on a kaftan if you are feeling chilly or dashing to the beach kiosk for some mouth watering ice cream. Furthermore, another fundamental item is sunglasses (a warning – do not wear them throughout the day as you might end up with panda eyes) whilst playing Frisbee or Badminton it’s very hard to see what you are doing without them because of the intense sun. Final pieces to the best day of your life are water (keeping yourself hydrated is vital), magazine/book/phone/tablet (keeps you entertained when you can no longer lie down with your eyes closed) and headphones.

These are just some items that you might bring along with you. Make sure you’re safe and don’t stay in the sun for too long without a beach hat; too much sun can cause headaches, dizziness and fatigue.

Have a cool time 🙂