spring wish list title 2015

Hello everyone and welcome back!! I have missed you all but have been swamped with all this school work. Hope you had a cheerful Christmas and an exciting new year!  Happy 2015 and wish you all the best in the upcoming year.

Anyway, winter is fast behind us, hopefully, and spring is fast approaching. Therefore I have prepared all of you wonderful beauties my own wishlist for the tremendous upcoming season. The season coming is the best because it’s the build up to summer, the weather is wishy washy and of course its my birthday!

spring wish list 2015

1. Poncho – Accessorize – £35
The poncho’s in Accessorize are must haves, they are not too warm and too cold for this British weather. Poncho’s are high in fashion at the time and you can get them anywhere due to their popularity. They are easy to throw on with a pair of jeans or leggings or a night out with a simple dress.

2. Bodycon Skirt – H&M – £29.99
A girl can never, ever, have too many skirts. Any type; skater, bodycon, mini, pleated, maxi etc. It’s easy to dress with anything and for everything. It can be dressed up or dressed down, whatever you feel like. You cannot go wrong with a stylish skirt!

3. Cropped Shirt – River Island – £18
These shirts go with all things, skirts, leggings, jeans… They can be worn for all occasions meaning that you cannot go wrong with one of these. Nonetheless, you do need a shirt so why don’t you go for a cropped in order to show that flabless tanned stomach 🙂

4.Sugar Apple Nail Varnish – Barry M – £3.99 
This colour is fabulous for the upcoming season, it goes with most things and it doesn’t clash even though it is quite bright. Nevertheless, it chips quite easily BUT most nail varnishes chip (well for me anyway).

5. Watt’s up Highlighter – Benefit – £24.50
I love this! It is wonderful and ever so useful, in the sunshine your skin glows (literally) you look awake instantly, it shines but not too much. It gives you a natural glow which never fails to lower my expectations of benefit. You could also try ‘high beam’ also a very useful product from benefit.

6. Chain Necklace Gold/ Silver – Accessorize – £12 
You cannot go wrong with this necklace it goes with all outfits and makes your outfit perfect by just adding a simple item to your outfit.

7. Highlighter – Body Shop – £12
This is very similar to the watts up highlighter. However, it has more of a pinky shade to it, I like mixing the two together which, I think, work quite well together. Because one has a bronzy tone where as the other is quite glam and full of shine.

8. Black Heels – Zara – £40
These go with all of your outfits, but as I am nearly 6ft I am not really fond of wearing heels, as I don’t want to look any taller. Although, they are still fabulous and can make most styles perfect.

9. Free Run 5.0 – Nike – £85.99
These are the most comfortable shoes in the world. Yet again I wear them with everything because you cannot go wrong because they are just perfect and they are really worth your money as I will be wearing them for as long as I can walk.

10. Daisy Earrings – Accessorize – £5
They excite you for spring and summer, reminding you everyday to look forward to the great months you got ahead of yourself.

11. Tote Bag – Accessorize – £35 
Available in many colours and sizes. Very easy to style with any outfit for any day, very similar to the Michael Kors one, but Accessorize done a cheeky thing by copying it! What are they like?

12. Eyeshadow – Nars – £24
Choose the colour for your skin colour and outfit and you will look glam for all occasions, just make sure you apply it correctly because it will look incredibly tacky if done wrong.

Well that’s all my fellow readers, I have enjoyed sharing with you my wish list for spring. I love all these items and I would suggest looking into them because they are all great items which you cannot go wrong with.

Thank you for reading 🙂 xxxxxxx


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